February 27, 2014

Beautiful, Handmade Scarf Giveaway

I was introduced to a lovely blog, Fiberartsy.com just recently. It is a cute little site devoted to crafting, DIY projects, and all things fiber and yarn. Blogger and crafter, Annette, writes about her life in Kentucky as a fiber artist.

"You’ll find everything from the basics of washing fiber to felting tutorials and general fabric arts and crafts plus occasional updates on what it’s like to be a small alpaca farmer and feltmaker." 

The blog has some fun finds like Ebooks for knitting patterns, tutorials, and tips for turning your art into a business. Oh, there is even a section to submit your own fiber project or pattern! Annette also runs Kentucky Blue Fiber Co. on Etsy.com. Her shop carries various hand dyed and natural-colored fibers and yarn. She makes beautiful shawls and scarves in an assortment of colors too. Annette hand felts all of her scarves using fine alpaca, merino and silk fibers.

So, now, here's more good stuff: She is giving away to one lucky reader, one of her handmade felted scarves! The prize will be winner's choice, up to a $70.00 value! Enter using rafflecopter below!

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February 22, 2014

A Look Back at 2013

Today, I'm taking a look back at 2013. It was my first full year buying and selling on Etsy.com, and I found TONS of cool items. As many of you know, Etsy specializes in handmade and vintage items. I saw lots of beauty supplies, vintage clothing, hand sewn accessories, and beautiful artwork among them. I want to share some of the coolest items I've received in 2013. Take a look:

I use this sugar scrub from Rustic Ridge Creations every week. It is handmade from large sugar crystals, safflower oil, and a beautiful scent of almond essential oil. It makes my skin so soft after I scrub my face with it. It makes my skin so soft and helps to relieve blemishes. Read more about the shop.

I got this cute kitty print makeup bag from Little Gray Boutique. I gave it as a holiday gift for my sister because she has three lovely cats! I put a few bath and beauty products for her in the bag as well. The quality of the makeup bag was spectacular. I was really impressed with the make of it, and there is even a sewn label inside. I plan on getting one for myself later this year! If you are a cat lover, the shop also makes cute crinkle cat mats and toys.

Beazer's Garden makes great bath and beauty products. There is always something new to try! Last year, I tried their natural lip balm in the coconut flavor. I love coconut, and the lip balm did its job moisturizing my lips! Mine came in a small tin and was the perfect size for carrying in my purse. Use coupon code SALE20 for 20% off! Read more about the shop.

This lovely little ceramic bowl was made by Fire N Flux. It's size is perfect for holding little trinkets. I keep matches, lip balm, and safety pins in mine! The shop makes an assortment of bowls, jars, vases, and even jewelry too. This particular dish is about the size of my hand, but there are other, bigger styles too. The shop also has similar flowy-geometric patterns.

This is another one of my favorites. The talented Sam from Handmade Health (also Sam's Crochet) makes these spectacular yoga mat bags! They are truely sturdy enough to lug my yoga mat around in, and come with a carrying strap to make it even easier. I got the green colored bag, but there are TONS of colors you can choose from for your own! Use coupon YOGA20 for 20% off! Read more about the shop.

This is probably one of the best handmade soaps I've encountered on Etsy. Tiki Bar Soap makes an assortment of funky flavored soaps, like chili pepper, green tea, and fluffly pink candy! I was lucky to try their Almond Milk Palm Oil soap. The soap lathers well, has a great scent, and doesn't dissolve or flake like other soaps do. Use coupon FREESHIP for orders over $10.00! Read more about the shop.

I saw this beautiful sequenced purse in a cute little vintage shop, Krafts Keep Me Sane. I use this purse a bunch -mostly for trips where I don't need to carry a lot of items. It's great for a night on the town, but also a colorful accessory to spice up a day outfit. The shop has a bunch of cute vintage knick-knacks. Check out the shop's Facebook page for occasional coupons.

Okay, don't skip over this one just because it says 'Star Trek' on it, lol. I use this cute little change purse, handmade from Spacefem, to keep my credit cards and business cards in. It is sewn together extremely well. It has a zipper and a key clasp attached to it. There are lots of funky prints at the shop, such as, hearts, mix tapes, pencils, geometric designs, sushi, and ocean creatures.

This is one of my favorites. Mama Bear Baby Wear sells eco-friendly washable sanitary pads. I have been using mine for over a year, and they are still in great condition. They are really made to last; the creator really knows what she is doing. Using these has greatly improved the earth's trash buildup! Yay for going green!

Martina from Blossom Stamps collaborated with me to create this amazing floral stamp! I sent her one of my custom designs for her to make into a stamp. She was easy to communicate with and made exactly what I needed. The shop's stamps are made from high quality photopolymer that recreates all the intricate, fine details of the design.

February 16, 2014

Nicki's Fundraising

A few months ago, I was contacted by Nicki through Etsy. She explained that she was running a marathon to help raise money for patients with blood cancers. Nicki is a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training.

She reached out to me and other Etsy shop owners to ask for donated prizes for her marathon team's runners. Eternal Girl is donating five custom necklaces for the members and the cause. This necklace was designed with a purple flower, green leaves, and a blood drop. Purple and green are the Team In Training's colors, and the blood drop represents the leukemia & lymphoma society.

Nicki will be running the Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC, April 14, 2014. See her progress and fundraising ideas on her Fundraising Facebook Page. If you'd like to donate, go to the Donation Page.

February 11, 2014

I Love...

Love is always in the air in February, because of Valentine's Day. It may be a holiday for candy companies to repackage their Christmas chocolates, but it also makes you think about what you love. I love all creatures that breathe the same air as I do. I asked some of my sponsors and friends:

What do you love?

"I love my family. It may not be very original, but they are truly the most important aspect of my life. I love my boyfriend and our two fur babies, Dakota (our dog) & Luna (our kitty). They make me smile everyday... which is another thing I love :)"

"I love family. I love spontaneity. I love food. I love color. I love music. I love warm days and cool nights. I love introducing my kids to another culture. I love living life to the fullest. Clearly... I love Mexico."
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"I love many many things, but what I love the most is to create something new everyday! :D I want to apply my creativity in my everyday life and my work. For me, what I love the most is to create something for people, something that they can use, but most of all something that makes them happy, like artwork or jewelry. I love sitting down in my atelier, with a cup of tea and imagining a certain portrait or a jewelry for someone's special occasion. I then let the inspiration roll down on paper, sketching what I have in mind, adding wonderful colours and eventually looking at the final results in my hands."
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"I love my Halo's. They give every girl a reason to express herself in her own way. Girls can choose from all different options such as their favorite color, size, and or pattern. Wearing halo's is an easy comfortable was for everyone to express themselves."

Would you like to be a part of next month's feature? 
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February 9, 2014

Inspired Soul

'Beautiful Dreams' Dreamcatcher
Take a look at this lovely home decor and gift shop, Inspired Soul. The shop specializes in beautiful dreamcatchers and wall hangings. Their style gives off a bohemian, earthy, and gentle feel. Plus, all of their items are uniquely handmade!

Feather Dreamcatcher Necklace
I got to chat with the creator of Inspired Soul, Kelsey. Her unique style comes from acquired materials for her creations. "I like to use things that I find, such as shells or driftwood from the beach, or vintage fabric, pendants, or beads from a thrift store." It's no wonder the shop has that bohemian vibe - its items are made from re-using everyday finds.

Inspired Soul opened its Etsy shop in September 2013. Kelsey's always loved to craft and create DIY projects. While living in Costa Rica, she made and sold crochet bikinis and jewelry at the beach. Soon after, Kelsey started making dreamcatchers and hand painted furniture. What prompted her to open her shop, was the positive feedback she received from friends after making an assortment of wedding items- "centerpieces, table cards, flower girl baskets, and ring pillow for a friend's wedding."

Peacock themed Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatchers are a unique creation. Kelsey explains they are designed to filter out bad dreams. "Bad dreams get caught in the dreamcatcher's webbing and the first morning light helps melt the bad dream away, good dreams pass through the webbing, down the feather strands and to the sleeper below."

Inspired Soul's dreamcatchers are absolutely gorgeous, and Kelsey is offering my readers an exclusive discount: use coupon code PUELLA10 for 10% off purchases (expires February 28, 2014). Check out Inspired Soul's Blog, and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram! Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming giveaway from Inspired Soul!

February 5, 2014

Jamberry Nails & Giveaway

I recently discovered Jamberry Nail Shields. The company makes professional design wraps that stick to your nails! When I saw the Peacock feather and Victorian lace prints on Independent Consultant, Sherri Snowden's fan page, they kind of reminded me of my own artwork - I use a lot peacock and whimsical designs. This nail art inspires me to create more!

I bought a Reminisce floral design (right photo) sheet. It was my first endeavor with the product. The application requires you to heat the nail strips for a few seconds with a hair dryer. Because it was my first attempt, it took a bit of time, but I was really pleased with the outcome! This print has stayed on my nails for more than a week now!

Then I entered and won a giveaway for two free nail sets from Marcy at Fabulous Jamberry Nails! I bought an additional nail set to go along with them, and would love to share it with one of my lucky readers! Enter below to win "Adam's Favorite" Jamberry nail sheet. The style blends yellow, pink, and purple to create a beautiful blend that reminds me of a summer sunset!

Photo courtesy of @mrsbaybays

February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Group Giveaway

Laughing Vixen Lounge is hosting their 4th annual 14 Nights Of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon Giveaway and Eternal Girl is one of the participating shops! There is a
$400+ Prize Pack
from 16 amazing handmade artists! The giveaway runs Feb. 1st through 14th and is open worldwide. Look for Eternal Girl's feature on "Vixen's" blog on DAY 4!

Laughing Vixen Lounge

Win Eternal Girl's Heart Necklace for Valentine's Day: