July 30, 2013

Spotlight on Lucky Paper Goods

"Our business is small, but our love for it becomes greater every day. We wake up every morning with smiles on our faces doing what we love: creating beautiful invitations and prints."

I'm happy to introduce a lovely Etsy shop, Lucky Paper Goods, to my readers. They specialize in wedding invitations and prints. Their products are made "with hands and heart."

Lucky Paper Goods, formerly Seventy Two, possesses a classically chic style throughout their designs. They've created simple, yet elegant invitation templates to get their customers started.

Photos courtesy of Lucky Paper Goods
When selecting an invitation, Lucky Paper Goods works to customize your order "to help you express your love." The shop allows you to choose your own wording, typography, colors, and sizes. They provide a plethora of options and add-on's including ribbon, envelope colors, stickers, various reception cards and posters. Most of their sets include invitations, envelopes, and RSVP's. Lucky Paper Goods also offers several DIY printable invitations. When purchasing, a secret "little surprise" is sent to your email, after your wedding date. Be on the lookout for special offers and giveaways. Find Lucky Paper Goods on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and their website

July 23, 2013

Lacy's Blog: Chosen

I recently came across a blog, Chosen, while participating in a linky blog hop. The owner, Lacy, is a very passionate, open individual looking to share her work with others. Her blog is a story of her relationship with Jesus in her everyday life. She is eager to share her spirituality with everyone.

Photo courtesy of http://lacymeeker.blogspot.com
Lacy started her blog as a journal in 2007, and posted publicly in 2011, "for the purposes of sharing what the Lord was doing" in her life. She explains that she started her blog as a result of dealing with troubles similar to those her friends were going through as well.

Her love of writing is what enables Lacy to reach out to her community and readers. Her passion to stay connected to Jesus are evident in her writings. Through her blog posts, she incorporates readings from biblical scriptures in her daily lifestyle. One of my favorite features on Lacy's blog are her "Thankful Thursdays" posts. Each week she writes about simple things that give her great gratitude. 

In addition to her blog, Lacy runs the Chosen Shop along with her friend, Olivia. The shop offers home decor, clothing, baby toys, and accessories.

Any denominational religious or unaffiliated spiritual person can relate to her writings. That is, her admiration for a greater power that unites mankind and the world. Lacy sees the world from a greater perspective, chooses to stay positive, and encourages her readers to be happy.

July 18, 2013

Yoga Mat Bag

Crochet heaven! I never knew I loved crochet so much until I became an Etsian. I recently got an awesome crochet yoga mat bag from Handmade Health.

The bag fits perfectly over a rolled yoga mat, with a drawstring to tie up the top end. There is also a strap attached to the bag to carry over your shoulder. I got this funky two-shaded green yoga mat bag & I use it all the time. Carrying my yoga mat makes it super easy to transport while trekking to my yoga class, or over to my friend's house.

Handmade Health makes tons of awesome and unique crochet items: bottle & dish carriers, fruit cozies, headbands, legwarmers, and even some vintage items. I also received soap holders for the shower from her other shop, Sam's Crochet, which carries crochet bath accessories, pet gear, scarves, hats, shoes, and bags. Be sure to check out her shops when you're looking for quality crochet items!

July 3, 2013

The Handmade Soap Co.

I love, love, love finding homemade beauty products. I found an awesome shop, The Handmade Soap Co. on Etsy. The shops specializes in soaps, scrubs, lotions, and other bath and spa products. Tracy, the owner and maker, has an extensive, unique scent list including "Beach Daisy," "Cream Cheese Frosting," "Bay Rum," and newly added "Honey I washed the Kids," which has toffee and honey aromas.

I had the pleasure of using some H.S.C. spa products: a Facial Masque and a Cooling Gel. The Cooling Gel is a cucumber and cranberry, organic, and vegan blend. I first used this on my boyfriend's burn he received from touching a very hot car part. It was a small, but intense burn, and after the first day of putting on the gel its was surprisingly almost all healed. I've been using it on my sunburns as well. The gel seems to work better than store bought aloe. Because the gel is homemade, I believe it is less "watered-down" by the other ingredients compared to store brand gels. H.S.C's gel seems to be more pure. The Facial Masque is also homemade. It is an all natural blend made with cocoa and bentonite clay. The cocoa is supposed to fight collagen and the clay removes excess oils and toxic. I was very impressed using this product. My skin felt very firm and smooth.

All in all the Facial Masque and Cooling Gel are great products and very well made. Be sure to check out shop updates from H.S.C. on twitter and facebook!